“My Country is your Country”

                His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum 

 I, Gurjit Singh Kochar brought up in Dubai. My Grandfather, Sardar Mehtab Sing Kochar, took the bold leap from India to the UAE in the year 1925. The Al Mehtab Group paved the way in the trading industry, were the family owned MJB Properties now into thrives. His aim was to make it synonymous with UAE’s campaign to becoming the world’s foremost trade and lifestyle destination. By the virtue of my Grand Father’s move I had the pleasure of growing up along with, Dubai’s, economic and infrastructural growth. As the nostalgia hits me back to the 80’s I would play with my friend’s, cycling around my beautiful city to drive. The areas which were once known as Dessert, turned in to modern development known as Emirates Hills. I witnessed the tremendous growth, infact I grow up watching the rise and popularity of the world’s tallest Skyscraper Burj Khalifa, and nearly 140 plus Skyscrapers in our city.  

        Since then MJB Properties established in 2007. It has been a tenacious and lucrative journey that developed from trading commodities, onto curating global contacts in real estate. This lead the MJB family to gain expertise and resources that have helped meet the growing needs and demands of the region. Having the opportunity to watch the development of, Palm Jumeirah, as I grew up has been a huge inspiration as a property business man, and as a consequence gained solid experience and understanding of client expectations when seeking out property in our home city. As a result, we are currently the fastest growing, highly competitive property consultants in Dubai.

       MJB’s mission is to provide state of the art comprehensive client services. Our driving force has been that of the clients where we seek to satisfy and exceed expectations—we want to bring your envision to life with minimal fuss on your end. Making our mark as real estate pioneers, shows it is imperative we continue prioritising transparency and diversity inclusion to produce an authentic environment where employees want to be. We also keep in mind that the property demographic holds a vast number of different values, tastes, and interests, so maintaining professionalism, rules and regulations of RERA and open communication with clientele is a precedence.

       First and foremost, values and well-being are part of MJB’s business objective, therefore we love to see people succeed and it is why we rally to see that happen. The MJB family covers all sectors in the property industry, importantly saving you time, and money. We adhere to creating top tier transactions without the cost of genuine relationships and rapport within our company. As we say at MJB Properties; we go BEYOND YOUR EXPECTATIONS, we build strong relationships by conquering the services within the cornerstone of Dubai’s economy.

          Along with being a diligent team of problem solvers that ascertain perfectly tailored solutions, our consistent high calibre work aims to set trends within the real estate sphere of Dubai. Because of our transparency it pleases me that we continue to succeed incomparably in our marketing strategy and customer engagement, our efforts allow clients to become a part of the family as well as an essential part of the MJB group. We produce the best services at hand, such as mortgage options, property management, resale, leasing, conveyancing, and to name a few!

Let me conclude by expressing incredible gratitude to our community of employees and clientele. Thank you for supporting us in cultivating exceptional lifestyle experiences, and for believing in our efficiency to create burgeoning communities. Our triumph would not be possible without your committed work ethic.

Mr. Gurjit Singh Kochar